Fedrigoni Group

With a history of 125 years, the Fedrigoni Group is one of the world leaders in production and sale of paper, in particular special papers with high added value, paper for bank notes, papers for stamps, notes and self-adhesive materials.

The most significant moments in its growth over the last twenty years was the foundation of Arconvert S.p.A. in 1989, the acquisition of Manter in 1993 (now Arconvert S.A.), the acquisition of the emblematic Cartiere Miliani Fabriano in 2002, the incorporation of Mantegazza Arti Grafiche in 2004 – which would later become Fabriano Securities –, the foundation of Arconvert Brasil and the acquisition of the US company GPA and the Brazilian company Arjo Wiggins Ltda in 2015. The companies Fedrigoni Cartiere S.p.A., Cartiere Miliani-Fabriano S.p.A. and Fabriano Securities S.r.l. merged in 2011 to form Fedrigoni S.p.A., keeping their relevant trademarks that characterise them.

The Group owns, among others, Fabriano, Fedrigoni, Manter and GPA trademarks. The Fabriano paper, with 750 years of history on the market, is part of Italian cultural heritage.

The Group markets its products throughout the world with more than 2,700 employees, 13 facilities, 9 of them in Italy, 2 in Spain and 2 in Brazil, 14 manufacturing plants with assembly line machines, 7 gluing machines and more than 13,000 product references in its catalogue.

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